Classroom Project Grants

Each year the Foundation for Central Schools invites teachers to apply for a Classroom Project Grant. These funds help classroom projects come to life and effectively impact the power of teaching. To date, over $100k has been awarded to teachers. The 2021-2022 Classroom Project Grant recipients were announced October 6, 2021 during the Central Unified School District State of the District. Twelve educators were selected and a total of $20,000 in grants were distributed.

Who Can Apply? 
All Central Unified Teachers and Teacher-Librarians can apply for a Classroom Project Grant. 
How Much Are The Grants Worth?
Grants range up to $1200. 

New Teacher Grants

Since 2005 the Foundation for Central Schools has provided new teacher grants. Grants are given to Teachers during their first year of teaching at Central Unified. The 2021-2022 school year has welcomed 47 new teachers to the district so far.

Textbook Grants

We are  PROUD to launch our newest initiative thanks to our partnership with Engineered Industrial Products Inc. Starting Fall 2021, Juniors and Seniors enrolled in city college enrichment courses, who are attending a Central Unified High School, will have the opportunity to apply for a Textbook Grant. These grants will bridge the gap between funding and helping our students become workforce ready after graduation. 

Students who are interested in receiving financial assistance should contact their college and career counselor on-campus.